Derrick Colemans #1 Fan



Welcome to my website dedicated to showing off my ever growing Derrick Coleman card collection. You will find scans of all my cards on the page D.C Collection, and the cards that are proving elusive on D.C Wantlist. Please take a look and let me know if you have anything I need.

I have been collecting cards since I was about 5 years of age, and started collecting basketball cards in 1992. At the time I wanted to collect an up and coming player, so I chose Derrick Coleman. He was dominating the NBA at the time, and was setting himself up to be the next big thing. Unfortunately for me and of course him, his slackness and poor attitude got in the way and he never really lived up to all the hype. He did however prove to be a solid performer in the NBA for 14 seasons. He spent time with New Jersey, Philadelphia, Charlotte and a brief spell (4 games) with Detriot before retiring in 2004 with career figures of 16.5ppg and 9.3rpg; Pretty good really.

I gave up collecting in 1997 but rediscovered the passion for it in 2004, and made it my mission to collect all Derrick Coleman cards that were ever produced; So far I am going pretty well. Beckett has 880 cards listed for Coleman of which I have 780, so my set completion is currently sitting at 88.6%.  

If you take a look at my wantlist, you will see that 61 of the 100 cards I need are 1/1's, and these are proving very elusive. If you happen to have any of the cards on my wantlist or any other rare or hard to find Colemans please get in touch via the Contact Me page.

If you happen to have a website dedicated to your collection please let me know, as I would love to add a link to it on my Links page.

I hope you enjoy looking through my collection. Please feel free to leave a message in my guestbook with your thoughts.

Cheers Daniel :)